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Caffeine Addict

Caffeine Addict

Welcome to my blog, hosted by an awkward caffeine addicted barista trying to make her way through this terribly confusing place called Britain. Have a nice look around, hit me up an ask if you feel friendly, and most of all enjoy your stay! Check out my other blog here hit counter

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I love your blog so much ! but i love my coffee more lol


ahahaha awh this is so kind of you to say, thank you! And I don’t blame you, proper coffee is better than just a blog which primarily focuses on the good stuff. 

oh my god your like, my favourite tumblr if i met you i'd weep.
by Anonymous

Hahaha I am just an ordinary girl from Worcestershire, you know! I’m a bit drab/boring/dull too, to be quite honest.


The 8p Espresso


Coffee shops around the world will all pay a different price for their coffee & raw materials, but one thing is for sure, coffee is relatively cheap to buy in comparison to the prices that you & I are being charged.

Take the humble espresso, which will set you back around £2 in a typical coffee…

After working in two (independent) coffee shops I can agree that yes, although it IS relatively cheap to make a coffee, you can’t just pinpoint that as the profit.

A lot of the cost goes into wages, and also into maintenance costs and other admin. Cleaning isn’t cheap in coffee shops, you buy a s*** ton of cleaning products in your time working there.

You buy a ton of milk, and coffee, and it’s not like you can store it away for months either, they both have very short lifespans.

Also breakages and mistakes have to be paid for. People will always weasel out new ways of getting free stuff, including complaints or just being annoying customers. Also, breakages happen almost on a daily basis, and therefore these have to be taken into consideration.

There’s also a big idea of renting/purchasing the lot, as well. 

I’m sorry for this you guys, but it really does pet peeve me when people think there’s this money pot growing with coffee shops, as most of the time it really isn’t true. It’s a good way to earn a living, but it’s not a jackpot like many think it is. 


Recording my first YouTube video tomorrow oooooh

Clue, the title is:
“The big debate:teacups vs mugs” omg I’m sorry I had to do a themed first video :D



The guy who served me in Starbucks knew who I was from this blog ahhhhhh!